How to Repair wooden bar stools by yourself

wooden bar stools

How to Repair
by yourself ?

today we're gonna fix this broken wooden bar stools leg

for this particular project i am gonna reach for the elmer is carpenters

interior wood glue it is a great wooden bar stools glue for this and tons of other projects
around the house.

kitchen counter stools

for this particular project don't forget to first clean off and get out any debris or dirt from your surfaces it will only help to improve the bond of the

adhesive don't be shy with it just get a liberal liberal dose in their but do remember to coat both surfaces and don't worry you are going to get glue on your fingertips that's okay it is

non-toxic uh... Once you have applied and have glue on both surfaces just bring them together to get a good bond and you will have some excess that's fine just take a damp cloth and wipe some of

it off You can always come back and sand this down and paint later With a project like this, I definitely want to clamp these two

pieces together there is all kinds of clamps lying around the house and uh... they each kinda have their own individual use in this particular application I would want to reach for the Elmer's Carpenter's

clamp tape, this stuff is great it is perfect for unusual shapes and sizes like this so just measure it out, remember this'll stretch up to three times its

length so I think a piece that long should do it give a quick clip peel off the plastic backing and now it'll stretch uh... just be careful when it touches itself it will really clamp down

just apply one end give it a good stretch bring it down and as you'll see it bonds to itself pretty quickly uh... these are just great it's not going to

stick to the wooden bar stools leg it all so give it a good twenty four hours the adhesive will sit in come by and just give this a clip with the scissors and you are good

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