How To Build a Concrete Pub kitchen counter stools and Table

 How To Build a Concrete Pub

 kitchen counter stools

 and Table

Today we'll be building this pub table with a custom kitchen counter stools top using per finished planking and kitchen counter stools top mix. The concrete top is what sets this project apart, and while it looks expensive, when you do it yourself, it's very affordable. Stick around and we'll show you how to do it.

kitchen counter stools

First we will build the table base. For a printable materials list and instruction guide, follow the link in the description below. Build the table frame out of two by fours. Our base will be forty inches high. When we add the two inch table top, it will be the standard height of a bar at forty two inches. Wrap the frame with three quarter inch plywood.

 Complete the base with pre finished wall planks and trim. To watch a video on how to install the wall planks, click the link on the screen. The next step is to make a kitchen counter stools. We will make a mold from a single sheet of white melamine.

The melamine will prevent the kitchen counter stools from sticking in the mold. Cut a piece at thirty inches wide by sixty inches long to match the size of our table top. Make sure the bottom of your mold is sitting level. For a two inch thick top, we will cut the sides to two and three quarter inches tall to allow for the thickness of the bottom board. Attach the sides with screws every six inches.

Adding a bead of caulk to the inside seams will prevent your tabletop from having razor sharp edges. Before caulking use painter's tape to mask around the seams to have perfectly clean edges. To give the kitchen counter stools additional strength you can suspend wire mesh in the mold. Attach the mesh with wire which we will clip off

later. It's a good idea to tape over your screw heads to make removal easier later. Mix the kitchen counter stools according to the manufacturer's instructions. If you would like to add a liquid color to the concrete, now is the time for that as well. Now that the kitchen counter stools is ready, we will pour it into the mold.

Now that the mold is filled, clip the wires. Then with a piece of scrap wood we will screed the top of the concrete to level the surface. Work with a partner using a sawing motion. Use a sander without the sanding pad to vibrate the mold. This will release air pockets in the concrete. A magnesium float can be used to finish off the surface of your concrete. Remember kitchen counter stools needs to cure for at least twenty four hours. This slab has cured over the weekend, and we're ready to take off the form. Set the slab on its side to remove the bottom.

Use a piece of foam to protect the edge. Before installing the top, we will seal the kitchen counter stools to prevent stains. Now that the sealer is dried, we've installed the top on the base. All that is needed to hold it in place is a bead of adhesive. Now you can apply caulk between the wall and the tabletop.

The last step is to buff the surface with a food safe wax. Pull up a bar stool and invite your friends over because it's time to show off your new custom built concrete pub table. To keep up to date on all of Menard is How