How to Shop for extra tall bar stools?

How to Shop?

When shopping for extra tall bar stools for your home there are many aspects to consider prior to purchasing to ensure you end up with the perfect stools for your home. One of the most important factors to consider is the appropriate height of the stool.

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You should choose the height of the store based on the extra tall bar stools you wish to sit at. A good rule of thumb is to have between nine inches twelve inches between the seat height and the height of the counter or table.

Shorter extra tall bar stools, generally twenty two inches or less, are commonly used at bathroom vanities or make-up tables. Counter height bar stools are usually between twenty three and twenty eight inches tall, and are commonly seen used for kitchen islands and dining counters.

Taller extra tall bar stools are primarily used for tables and higher bars that are over forty one inches tall. There are even adjustable that are great for using in multiple locations throughout the home for parties or gatherings.

Another important aspect to consider is how many extra tall bar stools you'll need for the space. The length of the counter is the best way to determine how many stools you need. Allow twenty six to thirty inches between the centers of each extra tall bar stools. This will provide adequate spacing for people to eat, drink, and socialize in comfort.

All that is left now is to choose the style and finish of your extra tall bar stools. There are countless varieties available including; swivel, backless, upholstered, and extra tall bar stools with armrest. By using these helpful tips you are sure to narrow down the perfect extra tall bar stools for your home.

on the other hand i want to tell you  I found four of these extra tall bar stools for $7.00 a piece and I snatched them as soon as I found them If you’ve ever been in a stool store or a place where you have to buy chairs, they are not cheap. This one is a simple design. You can detach the seat from the bottom with screws, get it reupholstered.

You can either have it done professionally or you can try to do it yourself. This one might be a little difficult because of the curves but you can cover it with leather or some type of material and give yourself a look with this inexpensive chair. You could also probably drape some fabric from the sides and give the chair a whole new look or keep it in its modern state.