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I am back out in the factory today to give you a look at the Nature’s Twist Wooden Bar Stools
The Nature’s Twist pieces are available in a clean peeled traditional style
or in a rustic, hand peeled style which we are seeing here on the Wooden Bar Stools
The rustic style will leave some of the cambium, or the inner bark, on parts of the logs.

The naturally aged logs which are used are very rich in character from beetle tracks
and unique aspects provided by nature.
The logs are Mortised and Tenoned together to provide a strong base resulting in a solid stool.
Let’s take a look at the swivel portion of the seat.

The seat swivels smoothly on a roller bearing swivel.
Now safety was taken into account. The seat swivels fairly easy but so easy as to spin
you out of the stool on accident.
Let’s take a look at the back now.

The back is constructed of four vertical logs running into a horizontal top log.
The top horizontal log is carved out so that you can lean back
and rest comfortably against the logs.
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