Ergonomic Kneeling swivel stool Review

Today I'm going to do a review of a rather unusual office 

 swivel stool .

It comes from a company called Flash Furniture and is available from lots of online retailers including where I purchased mine.

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If you're an office-dweller like I am and you do a lot of sitting
you may want to take a look at this swivel stool. These swivel stool are commonly referred to as kneeling swivel stool or knee swivel stool and they're designed to be ergonomic and promote good posture.

The reason I go one is that I've been struggling with back pain for the last three weeks - I have a herniated disc and it's really affected my ability to sit - sitting is very painful.

but I found that a swivel stool like this works much better and doesn't cause much pain.It puts most of the weight on my knees and so it does put so much pressure on my lower back - my back stays straighter.

This swivel stool was one of the more inexpensive ones on Amazon so I wasn't quite sure about it, but it had good reviews so I purchased it. When it came the main part of the swivel stool was already assembled. All we have do is put four bolts in each of the seat pads. What you need for that is a Philips screw driver.

The other thing we had to do is attach the castor wheels and
there is a wrench included in the packaging to do that so the assembly is pretty quick.

As you can see here, it's adjustable. We have four different settings here - you just put it on the peg you want depending on how tall you are and what angle and what height you want the swivel stool.

One thing I might add is that this wood is real wood - it's nice and sturdy, there no wobbling or anything with his chair. Whenever I see furniture made out of wood I always wonder if it is pressed wood or if it is the real thing. Well, this is a real thing - it's nice and sturdy and it looks to me like it should hold up very well over time. I've used this swivel stool for a couple of days and I'm pretty pleased with it.

I hope to use it even after my back heals. Hopefully if I keep good posture and do some exercising this won't happened again. I do a lot sitting at my job and I have a feeling that may be part of the reason why I ended up in the shape I'm in
but things are starting to improve and I really like this chair. I think it will be pretty helpful.

I do notice that there is a sticker on this chair that indicates that it has a maximum weight limit of 200 pounds. Hopefully this review helps you out if you trying to decide whether or not to purchase this.

Thanks for you and I'll see you next time!

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